The King Family Timeline

The King Family and Moulton Mill Timeline
By kind permission of Janet Covey-Crump

king family 


Robert King I married Ann Lamiman at Fleet on 23rd Nov. [FPR]


Robert King IIwas baptised at Weston on 30th April. [WPR]


Robert King II married Alice Measure on 12th April at Moulton. [MPR]


Robert King III was baptised at Moulton on May 18th, son of Mr Robert King and Alice. [MPR] (Alice died in 1787 [MMI] and Ann in 1788 [WPR].)


Robert King I died age 62. [WMI]

He left legacies to his nephews and niece, an annuity to his second wife Jane and everything else to “my dear Son Robert King (II) of Moulton, Miller”. [Will proved 31st Jan 1797]


On May 25th, at Sutton St James, Robert III married Elizabeth. [SSJPR]

She was the daughter of Edward Diggle, a farmer and grazier who owned the mill atGedney Hill.

1814 -1817

Three daughters were born to Robert King III and Elizabeth. [MPR]


Robert King IV was baptised 3rd Feb son of Robert King III and Elizabeth. [MPR] Alive 1820 Died before 1842.


Robert King II died,age 60. [MMI]

He left legacies to his grandchildren and his cousin, and the rest of his estate to Robert King III, “of Moulton, Miller”, his only child. [Will proved 2nd Oct, 1820]


James Measure King was baptised Feb 22nd son of Robert King III and Elizabeth. [MPR]

1822 ~

Robert King III built the present Moulton Mill.

1823 -1825

Two more daughters were born to Robert III and Elizabeth. [MPR]


Elizabeth wife of Robert III died July 11th age 32. [MPR]


Robert King nephew of Robert King II died on June 5th age 41. [MPR]


Robert King III married his second wife Mary Marshall, in Lavington [Lenton], Lincs. [MC]


Robert King V (physician) was born to Robert III and Mary. [FBMD & C]


Edward G King (clergyman) was born to Robert III and Mary. [FBMD & C]


Robert King III “Landed Proprietor” the mill builder lived in Main Street, Moulton, with his second wife Mary and their sons.

James Measure King, Master Miller, Baker and Farmer” and James Woodward, a “Journeyman Baker” lived next door. [C]


James Measure King married Mary Wyles at St.George’s, Hanover Sq., London. [FBMD]


Arthur Cowley King was born to James Measure and Mary. [FBMD]


James Measure King and Mary had three more children, two lived. [FBMD & C]


James Measure KingMiller, Baker and Farmer” lived at the Bake House and Selling Shop, with his wife Mary, two children and

Hezekiah Sketcher “Miller”.

Robert King III “Yeoman” and family were still next door. [C]


Robert King III “Yeoman” died age 82 of Old Age. [MMI & DC]

He left his widow, Mary King, a house and an annuity.

James Measure King got the Corn Windmill, with Bakehouse, etc. Edward George King and Robert King V got a post corn mill and houses and lands in Moulton and Weston.

His daughters got over one thousand pounds each. [Will proved 1st Feb 1869]


James Measure King, “Miller, Baker and Farmer” lived with his wife Mary, his son and

Philip Flintoff age 27 born in Goulceby a “Miller”. [C]


Arthur Cowley King married Maria Webster. [FBMD & C]


Claud A M King was born in Moulton to Arthur Cowley and Maria.

[FBMD & C]



James Measure King, “Retired Miller and Farmer”, died age 58 of Cancer on Sept 25th. [DC]

He left the interest on his money to his wife Mary, the house, Mill, Yard and Paddock in Moulton to his son Arthur Cowley King and other property and land to his other children, Robert and Mary Ellen. [Will proved 3rd Jan 1880]


Six more children were born to Arthur Cowley King and Maria.

[FBMD & C]


Arthur C King “Miller and Farmer” lived next to the Swan Inn in Moulton with his wife Maria and 2 children.

Henry Grayson age 29 “Miller and Baker” lived elsewhere. [C]



Arthur Cowley King lived “On his own means” with his family.

William Webb age 38 a “Journeyman Miller” lived next to Mary the widow of James Measure King.

John T Wilkinson age 46 “Wheelwright and Millwright” lived in Narrow Lane.

Robert King V who had retired from London lived with his son Robert Neal King and a niece in Bayfield House. [C]


In Broad Lane - Arthur H Tindall “Miller and Farmer” age 36 + family.

In Narrow Lane - William J? Mears, 27, “Miller’s Man and Baker”.

In Station Road - Arthur C King was “Living on his own means” with his wife Maria and seven children.

Bayfield House - Robert King V with daughter and niece.

Next to All Saints Church, - Robert Allison, 37, “Flour Miller”.[C]


Robert King V died, age 59. [DC]


Mary, widow of James Measure King died, age 84. [MMI]

1914 -1918

Capt Robert N King “made the Supreme Sacrifice”. [MWM]


Arthur Cowley King died. [MMI]

He left his wife Maria two cottages and a legacy. The rest of his estate was to be sold by his trustees and the money divided equally between his wife and their eight children. [Will proved 15th Oct 1923]


Moulton Mill sold to Mr. Biggadike.


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