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Winyard Engineering complete work on turning gear

(November 28, 2013)

At a more peaceful pace than their usual food industry projects, we tasked Winyards Engineering to design & manufacture a replacement gear set to enable the Ogee cap of the mill to be rotated by hand. 

Having spent time at the mill with our own engineers to understand the project fully (and to climb up and down the numerous flights of stairs in the tallest mill in the country), Winyards set to work on a hand operated gearbox with a geared ratio that would make rotating the cap a considerably easier task than it had been in previous generations. 

After much heavy lifting, this project was completed in November 2013 and will be utilized to turn the cap in times of high winds, or when the mill needs to be maintained. 

Winyard Engineering Ltd have donated their time and the equipment to the Mill to support our project, something that was not expected but is very much appreciated by all at the Mill. Many thanks to Winyards for solving not only our biggest problem this year but also for your generous donation.
If you have an engineering issue that requires creative thinking and a bespoke solution they are definately the team to call!!!!

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