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  1. Saturday 26th November
    Work progressing on the sack hoist - mill volunteers Ian and Peter have uncovered the original bearing and after some hard work have cleaned out the bearing and are starting to re-assemble the sack hoist.
    Now know what the lump of wood we used for leverage was for - it was the original sack hoist lever arm, full of wood worm as always , but we have been able to rescue the steelwork.
    Sails turned this morning after a little persuasion from Mr Bellamy and his crowbar.
  2. Thursday 24th November
    The sails have turned for the first time today - not a dry eye in the house.
    Some problems with the striking gear, 2 sails connected but other 2 still require work.
    Hoping to have the sails turning again at the weekend and all gear operational over the next few weeks.