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  1. Its been a week for clearing rubbish, we decided to start to sort through the 'useful items' stored in the cellar. One trailer load later we decided it could take some time and we would either need a bigger trailer or lots of visits to the tip. Didnt appreciate how low the ceiling was down there but have left some scalp behind after banging our heads on some low hanging beams.
    The slipper and damsel are now working and set ready to go. Just need a bit of fine tuning once running. Are now working on the flour chute from the main stone floor and next week hope to start repairs to main grain bin.
    Keep your fingers crossed - if the wind is blowing Saturday the sails will be turning.
  2. Work on the sack hoist has been delayed whilst we try to source a new chain. We have our friends over at Town and County searching the country for one of a suitable length and strength. No easy task!
    Work on the floors in the granary have been completed during the Christmas break.
    The sails have stood up to the recent gales and I am pleased to say seem to have come through unscathed. There were one or two sleepless nights whilst the gales were blowing, mainly for Paul. I did wake him on several occasions to see if we should go and check for ourselves. Won't share the reply as it wasn't polite ( cant get the staff).
    We are open again ,this thursday (12th) , following the Christmas break so look forward to seeing you all soon.