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  1. Thanks to the Oldershaws team for another outstanding effort today  - over £1025 raised at the tractor rally. Not forgetting the Mill team, Pete the Chef, Paul the Firestarter, Fairweather Geoff( who took the MG home when it started to rain and swapped it for a car with a roof), Jim the Class Prefect and the ladies in the tea tent ( you know who you are).
    The day started fairly dry with even a hint of sunshine, but it was COLD. So cold that we lit the bar-b-que an hour early just to get warm. This was promptly followed by rain, hail, sunshine , then more hail and just to finish off more rain. Even Fairweather and the Firestarter had to stand under a brolly to run the bar-b-que. A big thanks to all of you for that Dunkirk spirit!
  2. I never realised just how many variations of a windy day there were until we started to turn the sails.After hearing about British Rail's issues with the wrong kind of snow and scoffing at their excuses I find myself now sympathising with their plight having experienced the frustrations of the british weather. For the last few weeks its either been too windy, gusting in the wrong direction, not windy enough or just so cold the spider and striking rod have frozen solid.
    After much perseverance from the Wednesday maintenance crew ( and a little persuasion from a crow bar) the sails managed a 'turn' on Wednesday and again on Saturday for a very special 'Birthday Girl'.
    So , friends, keep watching the skies and you never know it could be the right kind of wind and you might just see then turn again!