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  1. It's been a frustrating few months with wedges dropping from the sky. Our beloved sails have developed a clunking noise and have shed another 4 wedges so until our millwright returns we are well and truly still. But don't despair it will hopefully be fixed soon and we can take advantage of these windy days.

  2. Anyone who braved the elements on Sunday and lived through the grand opening would surely be justified in challenging why we are still under a hose pipe ban. At one point the parking area in front of the Mill resembled a scene from Glastonbury - great music ( from Kirton Town Band) but knee deep in mud from the heavy downpour. The only saving grace is that the wind did blow and on cue, and for once it was the right kind of wind and the sails turned. Despite the weather we had over 500 visitors who enjoyed the day and marked another milestone in our Restoration journey.