Let us dispel a few myths.....
We are a group of approx. 35 local people formed in 1998,with the shared vision of restoring Moulton Mill back to full wind power
We are not owned by the National Trust, English Heritage or any other national organisation
We receive no funding from any public body to maintain or operate Moulton Mill
It costs us around £15000 every year just to keep the building open to the public
We do have a lift but it doesn't go to the top of the Mill, it only goes as far as the first floor
Our sails do not turn with an electric motor, we do have a set of stones powered by an electric motor but the sails are powered by the wind
Everyone who works at the Mill is a volunteer including the Directors of the company and Trustees of the charity
Our Mill Managers are all volunteers
Our Guides are all volunteers
Our Café staff are all volunteers
Our Maintenance team are all volunteers
You could be a volunteer - if you have some time to spare and want to get involved why not come along to our next Friends meeting
Why do we do it.....
We want to promote and preserve the heritage of Moulton Mill and the Fens so that future generations may share in its magic
We are all optimists, since 1998 we have raised over £1.4 million to restore this amazing building back to full wind-power
We want to share this building with you, so that you can experience the magic we feel every day!
We like meeting new people, we welcome over 20000 visitors every year to Moulton Mill !
Why not come along and see living history at its best!